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The saga of the errant Peel session continues. I found a box that said "John Peel - inc Pixies" and thought that was it, but for some reason the tape within the box was actually a misfiled copy of Sonic Youth's "Dirty Boots" EP.

However, it did show that the Pixies session was probably on an SA90, and I found one of these as well so popped it into the tape player. It's pretty apparent that it's not a radio recording but more of a compilation showing Miller's state of mind. Opening with "I Can't Help Myself" by Gene and "The Chemistry Between Us" by Suede, I think its pretty easy to place it as a mid-nineties tape (probably 1996) and its a quite typical one of my mix tapes in that Side B is blank, and the third track in is "Katy Song" by the Red House Painters, which lasts over 8 minutes and suggests I was, only three songs in, already trying to pad it out.

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