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An underwhelming start

Our first tape is a C90 in a rather special clamshell type box, emblazoned with "Limited Edition" blurb, bragging about the "Unique Design" and which for some reason I have given the title "Really Very Good Songs". What delights could this tape possibly hold?

Unfortunately, I think I must have had the idea of making a killer mixtape and then got bored pretty quickly. The first side is a bit of a hotchpotch, which somehow manages to find space for two live tracks by All About Eve. The second side saw me just recording some tracks from some of my favourite EPs at the time. There's a couple of tracks by Ride, followed by a couple from the Pixies, and a few from the Primitives before the revelation that these tracks were probably recorded over Act's "Laughter, Tears and Rage", the remains of which survive to close out Side B.

An early lesson in hype - it's a good reminder of the sort of thing that I was listening to at the start of the nineties, but I'm not sure it really merits the title.

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