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Everything new is old. Everything old is new. We're forever going full circle. I remember early press about bands like Interpol or the Killers, talking about the debt they owed to eighties bands like New Order. And now, I'm listening to the lead track off of the debut EP from High School, and whilst the bass is so immediately evocative of Hooky, the vocals kick in and it reminds me more of Interpol, who reminded me of New Order. I know, I'm old. I shouldn't feel that I have to apologise for that.

Especially when it's good. It's one thing to wear your influences on your sleeve but have nothing original. This High School EP (Forever At Last) is excellent from start to finish. It could easily be from the eighties but it's actually from now, and it's recommended. (And though I don't have this version, it's available on tape)

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