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This is a glorious tape. As well as their various releases, Sonic Cathedral also has an excellent track record at putting on shows, and back in 2013 they hosted a show with Luna / Galaxie 500 lead Dean Wareham at St Pancras Old Church.

Dean and his band (Britta, Anthony & Jason) played a set including material from both of his (then) previous bands as well as solo material from his forthcoming album (also released by Sonic Cathedral) and the label released this cassette version of the show in 2014, around the same time as that very solo album.

Now - the curious thing is that the tape version of this show has 12 tracks and whilst there was also a CD version (which I think was available as a promo with the solo LP) that only has 6 tracks, making the cassette version the one to get. It's never been re-released, nor has it ever been available on vinyl.

The tape was available as either a green shell or a red shell. As the picture shows, this is obviously the green version. But look at this lovely tracklisting.

As you can see, there's a collection of classics there, including two of my favourite covers that Dean's bands released. "Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste" was a Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers track that Galaxie 500 covered on their first LP "Today" whilst "Ride Into The Sun" was a Velvets track that featured as a Luna B-Side back in 1993.

If you manage to see a copy of this in the wild, I highly recommend it. It's an excellent career summary, lovingly recorded and presented, and featuring Dean and his band on top form.

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