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Some tapes in the stash aren't labelled at all - there's no clue as to the contents, and this one is a case in point. A nice BASF Type II with a sturdy casing - what jewels could have been given the privilege of residing on such a quality tape?

The reason I dug this one out is because I remember taping some Pixies Peel sessions back in the day, and I thought they were on a tape like this. Although I've since purchased those same sessions on a dodgy bootleg CD and the subsequent official release, I thought that this might be the motherlode.

But no - it turns out that it's a tape containing pretty much the entire recorded output (at that time) of Fleet's tweepop legends, Jim Jiminee. At the time I loved this band. I listened a lot to their debut LP "Welcome to Hawaii" and the singles that were released to support it, and I guess I made this tape to let me listen to them when there wasn't a record deck around. Home taping is killing music and all that.

It's one of those tapes where it's so easy to slip back in time. I must have listened to these tracks hundreds of time, I know every song, every word, every beat, and it's like finding a favourite jacket from 30 years ago, and being overjoyed to realise it still fits like a glove.

It reminded me how much I really loved this band. After Jim Jiminee broke up, the core members formed another band called Deep Season - I never had that LP but after finding this tape, I've searched out a copy on discogs. This wasn't the tape that I was looking for - I think it was a better one.

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