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At some point in 1987, I fell head-over-heels for New Order. I had the double cassette version of Substance (in the Factory Ltd Edition box - long since gone) and knew every track off by heart. I had a couple of the earlier LPs as well but my New Order discography was far from complete and although Spinadisc in Northampton seemed to always have various 7" and 12" singles available in the racks, I never got round to buying many of them.

Somewhere that year, Radio 1 scheduled a New Order Live show, probably in an evening slot. I've found the tape that I made of this and there's a few little things about it that I absolutely love.

The first is that I wrote a track listing with the songs on, but of course, I didn't know the names of all of them, so there's a few gaps. I didn't have 'Power, Corruption & Lies' at that point so I didn't know the name of 'Your Silent Face' for instance. Back in 1987 I couldn't just hop onto the internet and find out what the songs were. I don't know if they even told us where the gig was !

Secondly, I made a nice little custom inlay where I wrote, in my neatest handwriting "New Order, Live, 1987" in a homage to the Substance sleeve. Obviously, I'm a long way from being Peter Saville, but this gives me a little flashback to 35 years ago and makes me unbearably nostalgic.

The show itself is great - turns out it's their Glastonbury appearance from earlier that year and was the first time they played "True Faith" live. It's also been released several times commercially since the 90s, so I could easily dig out the tracklisting if I wanted to. But you know, I kind of like my version the best.

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