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The Endless Creek

Tape 3 again shows my capacity for putting tapes into mismatched boxes and not labelling them at all. In a BASF "Sound Level 1" Box, we find a garishly styled Memorex dbs 1 cassette, with no indication as to what might be on it.

Pressing Play, and we find the unmistakeable sounds of the Radio 4 show, "Whose Line Is It Anyway?", specifically Episodes 2 and 3, featuring Hugh Laurie and Jimmy Mulville as well as series regulars John Sessions and Stephen Fry. I don't know when these were dated - I know I became aware of the show when it transferred to TV, so these must have been repeat shows, and I know they are taped from the radio because both episodes also have a snippet of "Today in Parliament" afterwards, though annoyingly, neither of them mention the date.

Side 1 also, after the extra snippet of Radio 4, segues into a few tracks from Mercury Rev. The first one is the tail of "Girlfren", a jam from the end of their second LP "Boces", before kicking into the wonderful "So There", billed as Robert Creeley and his Mercury Rev Orchestrata. This track - featuring Robert Creeley reading his poem over a rather esoteric backing from the band was released in March 1993, so if I was going to hazard a guess, I would say that the tape dates from that time. Although I was listening to Mercury Rev a lot around then, I can't for the life of me remember ever listening to these two episodes of "Whose Line.." so I think that must have been little more than a passing phase.

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