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Some tapes in the stash aren't labelled at all - there's no clue as to the contents, and this one is a case in point. A nice BASF Type II...

The Party's Over

Maybe ten years ago, I started picking up the odd tape from Fred Thomas' tape label, Life Like. Because of the per unit shipping costs,...

The Endless Creek

Tape 3 again shows my capacity for putting tapes into mismatched boxes and not labelling them at all. In a BASF "Sound Level 1" Box, we...

Lilac glistening foal

So, to a second tape. Although it was in a different case, this is a solid looking Type II tape from Maxell, with a label on side 2...

An underwhelming start

Our first tape is a C90 in a rather special clamshell type box, emblazoned with "Limited Edition" blurb, bragging about the "Unique...

Back To The Future

In the 80s and the 90s, my cassette deck was glued to my side and my headphones to my head. I'd walk to school, or I'd do my paper round,...

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